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Math Engine Mathjax-Node

Mathjax-Node converts TeX math formulas into MathML and can be used together with the HTML converter.

To use Mathjax-Node, set the option ‘math_engine’ to ‘mathjaxnode’ and make sure that both Node.js and Mathjax-Node are available. The Mathjax-Node library can be installed, e.g., via npm by running npm install -g mathjax-node. Instructions for installing Node.js can be found in the joyent/node wiki.

The Mathjax-Node engine supports the following keys of the option ‘math_engine_opts’:

Specifies whether TeX code should be added in a <semantics> tag. It defaults to false but if set to true, a <semantics> tag with the LaTeX code itself is added.
Specifies whether TeX-specific classes should be added. It defaults to true but if set to false, the TeX-specific classes, like MJX-TeXAtom-ORD, will not be added. These classes provide styling hints to the MathJax browser library.

The mathjax-node library is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0.