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Syntax Highlighting With Rouge

Rouge (MIT licensed) is a fast syntax highlighter that is compatible with stylesheets designed for Pygments.

To use Rouge, set the option ‘syntax_highlighter’ to ‘rouge’ and make sure that Rouge is available. The Rouge library can be installed, e.g., via Rubygems by running gem install rouge.

Note that since Rouge 2.0 has breaking changes, Kramdown swaps formatter classes depending on Rouge version. By default, Rouge::Formatters::HTMLLegacy is used with Rouge 2.0 or later instead of Rouge::Formatters::HTML which is the default formatter with Rouge 1.x.

The Rouge syntax highlighter supports the following keys of the option ‘syntax_highlighter_opts’:

The default language that should be used when no language is set.
If no specific language or a default language is set, guess the language.
A custom Rouge formatter class that should be used instead of the following default formatter (Rogue 1.x: Rouge::Formatters::HTML / Rogue 2.x: Rouge::Formatters::HTMLLegacy).

If this setting is a string, it needs to contain the name of a constant under the Rouge::Formatters namespace.

Note: The formatter class needs to respond to ::new(opts), where opts is a hash of options, and to #format which needs to return the HTML formatted source code.

If set to true, highlighting with Rouge will be disabled.

Should probably not be set globally but inside the ‘span’ or ‘block’ options.

A key-value map of options that are only used when syntax highlighting code spans.
A key-value map of options that are only used when syntax highlighting code blocks.

Furthermore all Rouge options (e.g. ‘line_numbers’) can be set directly on the ‘syntax_highlighter_opts’ option (where they apply to code spans and code blocks) and/or on the ‘span’/’block’ keys.