class Kramdown::Converter::Toc

Converts a Kramdown::Document to an element tree that represents the table of contents.

The returned tree consists of Element objects of type :toc where the root element is just used as container object. Each :toc element contains as value the wrapped :header element and under the attribute key :id the header ID that should be used (note that this ID may not exist in the wrapped element).

Since the TOC tree consists of special :toc elements, one cannot directly feed this tree to other converters!

Public Class Methods

new(root, options) click to toggle source
Calls superclass method
# File lib/kramdown/converter/toc.rb, line 26
def initialize(root, options)
  @toc =
  @stack = []
  @options[:template] = ''

Public Instance Methods

convert(el) click to toggle source
# File lib/kramdown/converter/toc.rb, line 33
def convert(el)
  if el.type == :header && in_toc?(el)
    attr = el.attr.dup
    attr['id'] = generate_id(el.options[:raw_text]) if @options[:auto_ids] && !attr['id']
    add_to_toc(el, attr['id']) if attr['id']
    el.children.each {|child| convert(child) }