class Kramdown::Document

The main interface to kramdown.

This class provides a one-stop-shop for using kramdown to convert text into various output formats. Use it like this:

require 'kramdown'
doc ='This *is* some kramdown text')
puts doc.to_html

The to_html method is a shortcut for using the Converter::Html class. See method_missing for more information.

The second argument to the ::new method is an options hash for customizing the behaviour of the used parser and the converter. See ::new for more information!



The options hash which holds the options for parsing/converting the Kramdown document.


The root Element of the element tree. It is immediately available after the ::new method has been called.


An array of warning messages. It is filled with warnings during the parsing phase (i.e. in ::new) and the conversion phase.

Public Class Methods

new(source, options = {}) click to toggle source

Create a new Kramdown document from the string source and use the provided options. The options that can be used are defined in the Options module.

The special options key :input can be used to select the parser that should parse the source. It has to be the name of a class in the Kramdown::Parser module. For example, to select the kramdown parser, one would set the :input key to Kramdown. If this key is not set, it defaults to Kramdown.

The source is immediately parsed by the selected parser so that the root element is immediately available and the output can be generated.

# File lib/kramdown/document.rb, line 95
def initialize(source, options = {})
  @options = Options.merge(options).freeze
  parser = (@options[:input] || 'kramdown').to_s
  parser = parser[0..0].upcase + parser[1..-1]
  try_require('parser', parser)
  if Parser.const_defined?(parser)
    @root, @warnings = Parser.const_get(parser).parse(source, @options)
    raise Kramdown::Error, "kramdown has no parser to handle the specified " \
      "input format: #{@options[:input]}"

Public Instance Methods

method_missing(id, *attr, &block) click to toggle source

Check if a method is invoked that begins with to_ and if so, try to instantiate a converter class (i.e. a class in the Kramdown::Converter module) and use it for converting the document.

For example, to_html would instantiate the Kramdown::Converter::Html class.

Calls superclass method
# File lib/kramdown/document.rb, line 112
def method_missing(id, *attr, &block)
  if id.to_s =~ /^to_(\w+)$/ && (name = Utils.camelize($1)) &&
      try_require('converter', name) && Converter.const_defined?(name)
    output, warnings = Converter.const_get(name).convert(@root, @options)

Protected Instance Methods

try_require(type, name) click to toggle source

Try requiring a parser or converter class and don't raise an error if the file is not found.

# File lib/kramdown/document.rb, line 128
def try_require(type, name)
rescue LoadError