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HTML Parser


This parser assumes that the input document is an HTML document. It automatically converts HTML tags that have a native element representation to their native representation – all other tags as well as processing instructions and HTML comments are parsed as is.

Conversion of HTML tags to native kramdown elements

Here is a description of the HTML tags that have native representations and how they are converted:

em strong blockquote hr br a img p thead tbody tfoot tr td th ul ol dl li dl dt dd
These HTML tags are just transformed into their native representation and don’t need any further processing.
b i
The HTML <b> tag is converted to the strong element and the <i> tag to the em element.
h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6
These six header tags are all mapped to the single header element with different header levels.
code pre
The code tag is converted to a codespan element and the pre tag to a codeblock element. All child tags are removed and only the contained text is used.
The table tag is converted to its native element counterpart if its cells contain only span level elements - otherwise it is not converted.

The following general transformations are also applied:


The HTML parser doesn’t have any options.